Los Alamos ScienceFest - July 13-16, 2017

Los Alamos - Where science happens everyday.

Los Alamos ScienceFest celebrates the history and science of Los Alamos through engaging activities and events for people of all ages. This signature event of Los Alamos is well attended and draws visitors across the state of New Mexico and beyond.

  • Live music and entertainment
  • STEM activities and demonstrations for children and teens
  • Historical tours and hikes
  • Regional exhibitors and vendors
  • Beer garden
  • Festival food, fun, and more!

Who are the producers, partners and collaborators?

The Los Alamos Science Festival is produced by Los Alamos MainStreet in partnership with many community organizations such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos Creative District and Los Alamos County just to name a few.

More than 200 volunteers and a core team of community leaders in science, history, marketing, education and the arts, along with a panel of advisors, organize the ScienceFest.

What type of community involvement does ScienceFest inspire?

Los Alamos ScienceFest serves as a rallying point for the community of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Our town has earned a reputation as a hot-bed of activity in science, biotech, engineering and medicine. The Festival provides an opportunity for all of the community to take pride in that reputation and to inspire the next generation to carry it forward.

Los Alamos ScienceFest simply wouldn’t be possible without the collaborators: the individuals, the organizations, the schools and the companies that are stepping up and taking part in the celebration. The Festival is an annual event that provides a chance for all of these stakeholders to pull together to inspire, kids, their families and life long learners.

Los Alamos ScienceFest  goes beyond the partnerships we have…it’s a call to anyone that cares about science, technology and art in our region.

Why is the Los Alamos ScienceFest both interesting and unusual?

What is unique about the festival is that it is held in a town of innovation, inventions and discovery. Los Alamos is a place of world changing ideas. Los Alamos celebrates it’s creative heritage with events that happen in some unusual places for science. In short, it allows science, technology and art to go where the public can experience it.

What is the history of the festival?

In 2008 the Next Big Idea Festival was started as a two-day signature event in Los Alamos, New Mexico. It celebrated our town’s unique creative heritage and promoted STEM to the community. It also raised awareness for kids to contemplate future careers. In 2014 the event expanded and changed its name to the Los Alamos Science Festival to encourage greater participation from our region and state.

Why a ScienceFest?

Los Alamos ScienceFest features interactive activities, creative competitions, dynamic speakers, community tours, exhibits and educational-flavored social gatherings to engage individuals, families and youth in science. Youth activities throughout the festival encourages interest in STEM. Festival producer Los Alamos MainStreet is partnering with community businesses and organizations to present events throughout the county from July 14 – 17, culminating in Festival Day at Los Alamos’ Ashley Pond. Festival Day is a family-fun day where attendees can visit tents with non-stop interactive science demonstrations, kids activity area, music, food, beverages and performances.

A 2009 national survey found that only 18 percent of Americans are able to name a living scientist. Here in Los Alamos, New Mexico, we have scientists that are our neighbors. Scientists and engineers living among us leading well rounded, active, happy lives. For real inspiration our kids need real human contact with today’s leaders in science and technology, and this is what’s so special and powerful about the Festival.

Los Alamos, New Mexico is proud that we are the ONLY science festival in New Mexico.

Why is the Los Alamos ScienceFest inspiring to kids?

One of the many things that Los Alamos ScienceFest provides is hands-on, interactive, or immersive experience. This approach works.

One of the most exciting, unique and distinctive things about Los Alamos ScienceFest is that it features professionals on hand who are really involved in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics. FESTIVAL DAY is a great example at Ashley Pond to bring scientist, engineers, techies and artist that have volunteered to come out just to meet you and “unleash your genius.” This is something really unusual, and it is a big part of what gives our events so much energy.


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