The Los Alamos ScienceFest is produced by Los Alamos MainStreet in partnership with many community organizations such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos Creative District and Los Alamos County just to name a few. More than 200 volunteers and a core team of community leaders in science, history, marketing, education and the arts, along with several panels of advisors, manage the executive of the Festival.

Los Alamos ScienceFest features a week of interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities and dynamic speakers to engage kids, families, and individuals interested in life-long learning in science, technology, engineering and math. The Festival partners (community businesses and organizations) present events throughout the county for one week in September culminating in EXPO DAY at Ashley Pond on the last Saturday of that ScienceFest.

What is unique about ScienceFest is that it is held in a town of where science happens all the time. Los Alamos is place of world changing ideas and world changing science.The Los Alamos ScienceFest serves as a rallying point for the community of Los Alamos. Our town has earned a reputation as a hot bed of activity in science, biotech, engineering and medicine. Los Alamos ScienceFest provides an opportunity for all of the community to take pride in that reputation and to inspire the next generation to carry it forward.

History of Los Alamos ScienceFest

In 2009, The Next Big Idea Festival was started as a two-day signature event in Los Alamos, New Mexico to celebrate our town’s unique creative heritage and promote STEM to the community and raise awareness for kids to contemplate future careers. Currently, partnerships with Los Alamos National Laboratory and other organizations have expanded the event. Naturally, the name has had to change to the Los Alamos ScienceFest to encourage greater participation from our region and State.

ScienceFest: Los Alamos, New Mexico

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